Kid By Kid tutors meet once a week for an hour long free 1 on 1tutoring session. This session ordinarily takes place Saturday morning. Of course, if another time works better for both the student and tutor, then this meeting time can be variable. Additionally, if the student and tutor want either more or longer sessions, this can also be arranged. However, now, we are very excited to introduce even more programs for students and tutors to participate in. We hope you enjoy!

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1.Distant Dancers <NEW>

Description: Has your child ever wanted to try a dance class? Are they already a dancer and want to continue dancing while at home? Join this zoom link below and join us for a fun and engaging dance class with a variety of dance styles and instructors. Take a break from studying and get moving! Learn the importance of stretching, exercising, and taking care of your body - and have fun! The instructors want to share their passion for dance whether it be ballet, modern, or hip hop. We want to create a supportive and creative group class where everyone feels like they can try something new and express themselves.

When: Online every Saturday at 11:00 (after Kid By Kid Lessons!)

Meeting ID: 757 681 7138 Passcode: Dance!

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