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The Bishop's School

The Bishop’s School is an academic community pursuing intellectual, artistic and athletic excellence in the context of the Episcopal tradition. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality education to a diverse student body and to fostering integrity, imagination, moral responsibility and commitment to serving the larger community.

While it may be true that a school is measured by what its graduates become, for The Bishop’s School it is the “becoming” part of this belief that has shaped the School’s mission for 109 years. In addition to stimulating and challenging students academically, we believe that it is our role to help young people learn to be morally discriminating and to define ethical standards that will take them from adolescence to adulthood.

The Bishops School Chapter Founding Team

Dax '23



Nancy '23

Chapter Founder

Audrey '23

Chapter Founder

Evan '23

Chapter Founder

Tutor Training Specialist

Zayd '23

Chapter Founder

Aden '23

Chapter Founder

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