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Alisson Ruballo

Hi, my name is Alisson and I have been a Kid By Kid tutor since my sophomore year! Throughout my time tutoring, I have greatly improved and fostered many skills which I am very grateful for! I have also gained extremely valuable experience and I do my best to apply my expertise to every tutoring session. My goal as a tutor has been to prepare kids as best as I can by identifying any issues they may have and providing support in those specific areas. I hope to help students overcome whatever problems they may face in the classroom and help instill confidence to help them thrive in their education. I appreciate how Kid By Kid has provided me with a unique experience and has given me the opportunity to support the minority and underrepresented youth. On a personal note, I come from a low-income Latino background and will be a first generation college student in the near future. I love this organization because I relate to the students and can sympathize with the obstacles they face in their education and I hope to make a positive impact on their lives! On a personal note, hobbies of mine include playing lacrosse, reading, volunteering, and gardening. My favorite subjects are Spanish (which I am fluent in), Environmental Science, and Literature. I look forward to providing as much help as I can through each tutoring session!


Itay Frenkel

My favorite subjects at school are English and History as I prefer to have some creative flexibility. I have mostly tutored math and English with Kid By Kid and I always try to work with the students and adjust to their learning needs. I find the process of getting to know a new student to be fun and interesting. I've moved around a lot so I'm familiar with the struggles of starting at a new school and learning a new language (English is my third). I want to help others who may be struggling at school. I have been tutoring with KBK for around a month and have found the experience to be very rewarding. I like connecting with others and I enjoy the teaching process. I often find that as I'm teaching I'll understand something better myself, which makes the experience even more enjoyable.


Angelina Kim

Angelina is a sophomore at The Bishop’s School and loves to read and hang out with her friends. Her favorite subjects are science and history, and she hopes that she can spread the joy of exploration she found in her classes and share her discoveries with Kid By Kid students. In her free time, Angelina does competitive sleeping and plays Exploding Kittens (which is a card game and thankfully doesn’t involve any violence towards kittens).

One recurring pattern that I have noticed throughout my education is that the more passionate a teacher is about subjects, the more their students learn and have fun. In fourth grade, one of my teachers taught us about the whole history of California within a couple of weeks and showed us how to take good notes. Her constant enthusiasm for history, kind smile, and great care for her students showed me how fun history and learning overall could be. When tutoring at Kid By Kid, I hope that I can share the same passion and enthusiasm that I have for what I teach and make their learning experience thorough and fun. Maybe someday they can share their passions with other students!


Riya Anand

Hello! My name is Riya! I'm 17 years old, and I dance and play tennis for my school team! In my free time, I love reading mystery books, solving escape rooms and riddles, or just anything about anything that involves puzzles! Growing up, I was always involved in some sort of robotics, so I hope to do something with that in my future career!

I had always enjoyed tutoring, from helping my brother with math problems to volunteering at school tutoring programs. However, I joined KBK because it is the perfect opportunity to give back to your community. In KBK, we are paired with a learner and hold weekly lessons. What I enjoy especially about the lessons is just how flexible they are. The learners can say what they want to work on, and the lesson can be structured around that. We have more flexibility and can extend or shorten the lesson depending on the content, and we can use a wide variety of tools because it is conducted online. KBK is a great way to help kids learn more, and seeing progress is always exciting.


Emmie Kao

Emmie is a sophomore at The Bishop’s School. Her favorite subjects are math and science, and she also participates in Speech and Debate and Model United Nations. When she’s not in a Speech tournament, MUN conference, or math competition, Emmie plays soccer and tennis. Her favorite hobbies are baking and digital design.
Why you do KBK (4+ sentences): When I first started at Kid by Kid, I wanted to use my passion for math and reading/writing to teach younger students in these areas. Since then, I have grown as a mentor and learner due to the KBK experience. More importantly, KBK has also enabled me to make valuable connections with students that I would not have made elsewhere. I have had several students with whom I have connected, especially during the ‘break time’ allotted in sessions. Here, I have found students’ passions and interests, such as art and puzzles. Once, I was even able to deliver a Halloween gift to a student in person at their house. Interactions like these have shown that KBK is a valuable experience for both learners and mentors.


Sunjana Reddy

I chose Kid by Kid because I know not all students get the support they need in school. Knowing education is important, I'm happy to help those students. It's rewarding to know I have become close with a learner who I have seen grow since our very first lesson and is now comfortable to ask for help whether it's not understanding multiplication or wondering where humans came from.