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About Kid By Kid

Our Vision

Kid By Kid is kids helping kids. KBK’s solution enables Middle and High School students (Tutor / Mentors) to provide life-changing academic opportunity, support, and assistance to under-served Elementary and Middle School-aged immigrant, refugee, and ESL students (Learners).


KBK seamlessly pairs Learners, with caring motivated volunteer Tutors / Mentors to help navigate academic challenges. Learners are reached in partnership with local school districts, NGO’s, and community-based organizations. While Tutors / Mentors are organized through Community Service Clubs at individual Middle and High Schools.  KBK fosters academic achievement by listening, lending a helping hand and providing support and inspiration to young Learners. Student Tutor / Mentors, by leveraging technology, open-source systems of content and easily accessible resources, are able to directly impact the lives of individual children by one-on-one virtual tutoring.

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Many students are missing the opportunity to learn

Existing academic hurdles affecting students within immigrant, refugee and other similar communities are well-documented.  This gap has been magnified and made dramatically apparent by the Pandemic and increasing social awareness of disparities and resource short-comings. One study in the U.S. warns that students might lose 30 percent of their annual reading gains and up to 50 percent of their math gains due to the so-called ‘COVID slide’. Young refugee and immigrant students who are learning English could face even greater setbacks.

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