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Kid By Kid at Your School

Our Vision

Kid By Kid is kids helping kids. KBK’s solution enables Middle and High School students(Mentors) to provide life-changing academic opportunity, support, and assistance to under-served Elementary and Middle School-aged immigrant, refugee, and ESL students(learners). who are still learning English continue reading and advancing their skills. 


KBK seamlessly pair learners, with caring motivated individuals to mentor through a powerful system of content, simple and easily accessed resources.

Learners are reached in partnership with local schools, NGO’s, and community-based organizations. While Mentors are organized through Community Service Clubs at individual Middle and High schools.  KBK lowers the obstacles and enables student mentors to directly impact the lives of individual children by one on one tutoring.

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Many students are missing the opporunity to learn

Existing academic hurdles that under-served students such as immigrant, refugee and other similar communities are well documented.  This gap has been magnified and made dramatically apparent by the Pandemic and increased social awareness. One study in the U.S. warns that students might lose 30 percent of their annual reading gains and up to 50 percent of their math gains due to the so-called COVID slide. Young refugees and immigrants who are learning English could face even greater setbacks.

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