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San Diego Jewish Academy

For more than 40 years, SDJA has been a leader in preschool to 12th grade education – inspiring and supporting students with personalized and innovative learning while nurturing Jewish values and meaningful Jewish life in generations. Students and graduates are leaders and positive changemakers in their communities and all over the world.

Chapter Founding Team

San Diego Jewish Academy


Itay Frenkel

My favorite subjects at school are English and History as I prefer to have some creative flexibility. I have mostly tutored math and English with Kid By Kid and I always try to work with the students and adjust to their learning needs. I find the process of getting to know a new student to be fun and interesting. I've moved around a lot so I'm familiar with the struggles of starting at a new school and learning a new language (English is my third). I want to help others who may be struggling at school. I have been tutoring with KBK for around a month and have found the experience to be very rewarding. I like connecting with others and I enjoy the teaching process. I often find that as I'm teaching I'll understand something better myself, which makes the experience even more enjoyable.

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