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Upper St. Clair High School

Ninety-six percent of students who graduate from Upper St. Clair High School go on to further their education at a college, university or junior college. The district's professional staff is comprised of nearly 300 educators, 79 percent of whom hold a master's degree or above, and a support staff of nearly 200 including custodians, nutrition center workers, aides, secretaries, maintenance and transportation personnel.

The curriculum program is developed directly by the classroom teachers. Rather than review curriculum areas in a five year rotating cycle, Upper St. Clair teachers review each curricular area annually. Each year a district-wide curriculum panel reviews curriculum recommendations that may be formulated by teachers, parents, students or community members that revise, modify or improve the educational program. This guarantees that every year each area of the curriculum will be studied, analyzed and modified, if necessary. Although panel membership includes teacher and administrative representatives from the grade levels and subject areas, parents are welcome to attend the meetings and provide input into the curriculum development process.

The Upper St. Clair School District is led by nine school board members who are elected at large and serve on a voluntary basis for four-year terms. The board members in Upper St. Clair have always had a keen interest in the educational program and the welfare of our students.

Chapter Founding Team

Upper St. Clair High School


Prachi Chetlur

Hi! My name is Prachi, and I've been a Kid By Kid tutor since eighth grade. Tutoring has been a very rewarding experience for me. There's immense satisfaction when I'm able to teach a new concept, or when a learner is able to grasp a topic that we've been working on. While I've been tutoring, I've learned a lot myself, like how to use different methods to teach different learners and how to make lessons engaging. This summer with Kid By Kid, I've been running a reading group for a few learners, where we read chapters and discuss them together. Overall, I've been able to take a lot out of Kid By Kid, and hopefully give back some as well. Outside of Kid By Kid, I enjoy reading, writing, and listening to music.

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