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Westridge School

From grade 4 onward, girls’ voices are front and center and learning is active and discussion-based in our classrooms. As a result, Westridge students know how to think, to analyze, to make connections. They know how to communicate. And they develop the curiosity, thoughtfulness, and wonder they need to become self-motivated and passionate learners, a state where transformative learning takes hold.

Here, girls experience a curriculum based on research into how girls learn best, and a program where girls lead every student initiative. They are encouraged to celebrate the individual in a community that prioritizes self-knowledge and reflection. Our curriculum accentuates the female perspective, giving girls the tools they need to consider their role in the world and their relationship to others; they are fully supported in discovering their personal paths to meaningful lives of impact.

Westridge girls are empowered as students and as young women who are comfortable being themselves, making themselves heard, and jumping headfirst into making a mark on the world.

Chapter Founding Team

Westridge School

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