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Angelina Kim


Angelina is a sophomore at The Bishop’s School and loves to read and hang out with her friends. Her favorite subjects are science and history, and she hopes that she can spread the joy of exploration she found in her classes and share her discoveries with Kid By Kid students. In her free time, Angelina does competitive sleeping and plays Exploding Kittens (which is a card game and thankfully doesn’t involve any violence towards kittens).

One recurring pattern that I have noticed throughout my education is that the more passionate a teacher is about subjects, the more their students learn and have fun. In fourth grade, one of my teachers taught us about the whole history of California within a couple of weeks and showed us how to take good notes. Her constant enthusiasm for history, kind smile, and great care for her students showed me how fun history and learning overall could be. When tutoring at Kid By Kid, I hope that I can share the same passion and enthusiasm that I have for what I teach and make their learning experience thorough and fun. Maybe someday they can share their passions with other students!

Angelina Kim
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