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Elleaire Lyons


Hi there! My name is Elleaire. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to dedicate my time to my learners through Kid By Kid (KBK), since its inception in 2019. I started tutoring as a Sixth Grader and have loved being able to volunteer weekly - at first in-person and then online. Now a high school Sophomore, these past 5 years have been very rewarding for me. During that time, I've founded both the KBK-Coronado Middle School Chapter and KBK-Coronado High School Chapter. KBK originally began as an in-person program, but with the pandemic, those interactions were halted. The KBK founder's vision to pivot from an in-person to online platform enabled the lesson process and interaction to instead occur virtually; the goal was to help bridge the learning gap. Through tutoring 1-on-1 with my learners, I have made some really amazing connections and have been able to witness many “AHA” moments. I love that moment when the knowledge all makes sense, it really is so fulfilling as a tutor. My overall goal has been to make a positive impact on a fellow student’s academic journey, while successfully making it engaging and enjoyable. I feel the encouragement I provide, empower my learners to gain confidence and drive within themselves to become better students in the classroom. It’s really rewarding to watch my students showcase their growth as they obtain knowledge; KBK’s student-led model forges meaningful connections between tutors and learners. One of my favorite subjects to teach is math because students can sometimes feel less confident with their skills or uncertain of their abilities; I strive to make my learners feel comfortable in what they are learning and develop a better relationship with the subject for the future. A little bit about me, outside KBK, I enjoy the creative outlets of music (piano) and art - I have a few of my creations here: I have also been part of UCSD Center Community Health - Youth Advisory Council (YAC), since Middle School. As a third-year veteran, I focus my efforts and voice to advocate for youth-led social change within the community through YAC. Together we come up with focus topics with the goal of improving health, including mental health, of youth throughout San Diego. I’ve learned so much and really enjoy being a part of YAC; its forum allows adolescent insight to help shape better youth health outcomes in our community. In addition to KBK and YAC, I am also very involved with my school, being a student leader in Associated Student Body for 3 consecutive years. Also, I am the President of the NadoCAF Chapter for Coronado High School with the Challenged Athletes Foundations. Lastly, I play high school Varsity golf and play competitive golf here in San Diego. Being a part of these organizations and activities has helped me develop many important life and leadership skills such as responsibility, communication, empathy and an overall desire to make a positive impact within my community. KBK sparked my drive towards supporting others and I look forward to continuing to utilize my experiences to be a change-maker in my community.

Elleaire Lyons
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