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Keira Dunn


Hi! My name is Keira Dunn and I’ve been tutoring with Kid By Kid for over 3 years. I love playing lacrosse, and my favorite subjects are English and History. Tutoring has given me many valuable skills that apply to tutoring as well as everyday life. Math and reading are my favorite subjects to teach, and seeing kids grow their learning ability in those subjects is a main reason why I love tutoring. Working with kids has always been a passion of mine, from babysitting to being a camp counselor, and tutoring is no different, especially if taught in ways that are fun and exciting. Another part of tutoring that is a favorite of mine is the breaks. Charades, mad libs, doodling, and other educational games to give the kids’ brains a break are a blast for both the learners and the tutors. Kid By Kid has given many learners and tutors, including me, wonderful experiences and valuable lessons that go far beyond academics.

Keira Dunn
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