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Luke S.


Hi, my name is Luke. I am going to Mission Bay High School and my favorite subjects in school are math and English. I hope to keep loving these subjects and spreading my love of these subjects through these tutoring sessions. I stay active by playing Soccer and Basketball with my friends. Something I like to do in my free time is hang out with my friends and watch movies. I also enjoy biking and hope to do it more throughout the years. I started tutoring through Kid By Kid during 6th grade and have loved it ever since. Some things I have learned during my experience is that every learner thinks and learns differently so you have to adapt to how they learn best. Once you find that out you can build a connection with your learner by continuously teaching them. This helps make it so that the tutor does not have to start anew on how to teach the learner. Another important part of tutoring is putting fun things in the lesson to immerse the learner. It is always good to have a five-minute break to let everyone reset their brain to continue thinking. I hope to continue tutoring and helping learners achieve their goal of learning.

Luke S.
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