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Sarthak Kapoor


Hello, my name is Sarthak Kapoor and I am 15 years old. I play tennis and badminton in my free time and I started tutoring my sophomore year with Kid By Kid and find that I absolutely love it! Tutoring allows me to share my knowledge and passion for a subject with other students. I was tutored when I was younger and it definitely helped me in my classes which is why I want to do the same for other people now that I am old enough to fill the shoes. Moreover, tutoring with KBK gives me the chance to develop good relations with my students. I love getting to know them as it helps me understand a lot more about who they are as a person and how I can tutor them the best way I can. I feel ecstatic when I’m able to positively influence my student’s success and see them develop. My skills as a tutor have also gotten much better after tutoring with KBK. I have mainly tutored math as it is my favorite subject. I want to thank this organization for giving me this opportunity to help these kids and along the way, grow as a person myself. With KBK’s president, Daxton, I was given the chance to work on the resource page for KBK’s website. It was a pleasure working with him and being able to offer my time. KBK has had such a positive influence on kids and I look forward to tutoring and helping out KBK in every way I can.

Sarthak Kapoor
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