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Great Oak High School

Great Oak High is a prominent school in the Temecula Valley Unified School District. It is ranked as one of the best schools in Riverside. The school has about 3000 students with an exceptionally high 98% graduation rate. GOHS offers multiple AP and IB classes to its students. The school also encourages and gives out many community service opportunities to keep the community a nice place. The athletics team at Great Oak is exceptional, holding multiple state titles, with the team name Wolfpack. This school also has more than 120 clubs which bring students from a variety of interests together. Every student feels like they can fit in regardless of how unique their interests may be. The big campus contains 124 classrooms with multiple specialized for their curriculum. Great Oak also has multiple outstanding athletic complexes like outdoor basketball, baseball, sand volleyball, tennis courts, swimming complex, rubber track, and much more. Overall, Great Oak High is a great school providing its students with many opportunities and keeping a positive environment.

Chapter Founding Team

Great Oak High School


Sarthak Kapoor

Hello, my name is Sarthak Kapoor and I am 15 years old. I play tennis and badminton in my free time and I started tutoring my sophomore year with Kid By Kid and find that I absolutely love it! Tutoring allows me to share my knowledge and passion for a subject with other students. I was tutored when I was younger and it definitely helped me in my classes which is why I want to do the same for other people now that I am old enough to fill the shoes. Moreover, tutoring with KBK gives me the chance to develop good relations with my students. I love getting to know them as it helps me understand a lot more about who they are as a person and how I can tutor them the best way I can. I feel ecstatic when I’m able to positively influence my student’s success and see them develop. My skills as a tutor have also gotten much better after tutoring with KBK. I have mainly tutored math as it is my favorite subject. I want to thank this organization for giving me this opportunity to help these kids and along the way, grow as a person myself. With KBK’s president, Daxton, I was given the chance to work on the resource page for KBK’s website. It was a pleasure working with him and being able to offer my time. KBK has had such a positive influence on kids and I look forward to tutoring and helping out KBK in every way I can.

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