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 CodeIt!  - A great introduction to programming through block-coding. It is great for logical thinking and is great fun in general

Sudoku - An interesting old Japanese set of puzzles. It has only numbers and so might be a little bland.

Charades - No links for this one. Just plain simple acting. Pick a word and then act it out (or visa versa). Then, your opponent can try to work it out.

Drawing - Use this sketchpad as a whiteboard to draw on. If they can't use it then you can always use good old-fashioned pen and paper.

Logic Puzzles - Logic puzzles for kids. You have to figure out who did what according to the clues given.


Online Mad Libs - Fill in the blanks to create wacky and absurd stories with your student.

Typing.com - Typing is a super useful skill to learn and if it can be gamified with points, can be fun as well.


     Since these children aren't receiving education through their schools and often their parents aren't equipped to tackle these subjects, it is our job to educate them. Here is a few ways we can do so:

1. Corona virus Prevention and Protection

2. Stay safe online

3. Some way to alert them to there local and global 'politics'. Just really whats going on globally and locally that is important. This is difficult considering the spin many news outlets put on it. We don't have to make decisions on what is good or bad or even the specifics just what is going on. (Yes, this is vague but world affairs is difficult but useful to know)

Stay Safe




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Powtoons are a fun visual way to present information. Here we have a growing library of topics that you can play for your student